FOCBOX Elektronik Hız Kontrolcüsü


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Elektrikli Bisiklet, Kaykay, Scooter, Quadcopter, RC araç / uçak, Robotik, Kontrol Sistemleri ve daha fazlasınde kullanabileceğiniz açık kaynak kodlu elektronik hız kontrolcüsü.

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Features & Benefits

Built into protective hard case

Aluminium heatsink included

5V 1A Output for external devices

Regenerative braking charges battery

Sensored & Sensorless Motor Control

Powerful start torque on sensorless motors

Win & Mac Compatible GUI

Common Micro USB interface


Hardware Specifications 

Voltage rating of components 8V-50V

Compatible battery 3S to 12S

Recommended 10S battery

120A Peak Current Limit

60A Continuous Current







Main PCB: 60mm x 60mm

Hard Case Footprint: 64mm x 64mm

Hard Case Height: 22mm

Motor Wires: 50mm

Power Wire & XT 60 Plug: 40mm

Mounting Hole pattern: 15mm X 30mm


Software Features

FOC Control for quiet operation

Current, Speed, Duty-cycle Control

Adjustable Motor & Battery Current Limits

Low & High Voltage limits

Regenerative Battery Current Control

Advanced Features

Over Voltage protection

Current and voltage monitoring on all phases

Field Oriented Control

RPM-based phase advance (field weakening)

Rapid duty cycle changes

High RPM & RPM Limits (bi-directional)

Soft backoff for over current & over temp

amp-hour and watt-hour counting

Firmware & GUI

Open Source by Ben Vedder


GUI Built with QT


Control Interface

PPM, Analog, UART, USB,

CAN-bus, I2C



60 Days for self-installed applications

1 Year if installed by enertion technicians

Optional 1 Year Platinum Warranty Only $39USD

Platinum Warranty covers any faults & user error